Gaming continues its philosophical musing on fatherhood with The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. This free taster is a prequel to the recently revealed Life is Strange 2, which will very likely focus on the star here – Chris; the titular Captain Spirit. It’s charming and troubling in equal measures, a fascinating insight into a young mind: something that has become the trademark of developer, Dontnod. Whereas Life is Strange deals with Max and the pressure of choice all teens feel, and Before The Storm tackle’s Chloe’s emotional turmoil surrounding the death of her father and the birth of a new love in her life, Captain Spirit focuses on the broken relationship between father and son, through the lens of a seven year old boy. This game is available for the very reasonable price of absolutely free, and it’s well worth a download even if you’re merely mildly curious. It’s only two hours long, too, so there’s no massive time investment required here. What you get is a single, snowy environment to explore as Chris, learning all about his relationship with his father Charles, the tragic disappearance of his mother, and his obsession with super heroes. Anyone who played even an episode of Life is Strange will be instantly at home with how the game actually works. Walk around, look at stuff, trigger events, speak to people, and solve the occasional puzzle. It’s low-impact gaming; more like enhanced storytelling than anything.