At the beginning of Vampyr a loading screen tells you things will be so much easier if, as newly turned vampire, you eat people. Be the monster you’re expected to be, and everything will just be better. The XP you need to level up sloshes around inside the people you meet in its thousands, in stark contrast to the few hundreds you can pick up from missions, or the basically insulting tens you get for defeating enemies. The whole game is set up to test your resolve – one quick little murder and you’ll have more XP in seconds than you could probably get in an hour of basic play. What kind of person will you be? How to water the plant in Vampyr It’s an interesting mechanic because being good is harder, and it’s fascinating to have the moral quandary of people-fueled immortality taken out of story beats and put very firmly and practically in your hands. If you’re trying to resist all that murderific vampire power after the opening’s blatant reverse psychology then enemies will be more difficult to defeat and useful power ups harder to get. As you progress the temptation to chew is hard to resist as you slog through fights you know could be easier if you just ate a couple of people. Just one person isn’t that bad is it? Someone no one will miss, or someone that’s so bad you’re sort of doing the world a favour?