Listen, I know how it might have looked when I dived down the inside without braking and t-boned someone called PoorLifeChoices so hard it shrank their car in half. But these things happen in racing, don’t they? Like the fire that broke out last race after the first corner. Or at that lawnmower event, when I knocked an opponent off and continually ran over his lolloping cadaver. Tragic, yes, but these things do happen. For rigorous sim racers and apex-gazing casuals alike, Wreckfest is a refreshingly different flavour of driving game. The spotlight’s on physics simulation and damage modelling above all else here, every race a spectacle of exploding tire walls, mangled bonnets and nasty screeching sounds. And while that means it exists in vaguely the same ballpark as slapstick sandbox Beam.NG, it’s structured and presented like a much more traditional sim-cade racer. So when the destructive novelty wears off—and that takes a long time, incidentally—there’s still the dangling carrot of career mode progress to keep you behind the wheel. Amazon Prime Day deals: see all the best early offers right here. Championships lead to more championships, in faster cars this time, and the odd special event like the aforementioned lawnmower fiasco punctuates it all. A twenty-strong garage of proudly unlicensed vehicles provides an excuse for some aesthetic and performance fiddling as you unlock better parts, but this all feels secondary to the point of optional. Wreckfest really just wants you to make a mess.