Imperia Online is a 2D free-to-play, browser-based, city-building strategy game set in the Medieval Era. Expand your city into a great and mighty empire while forging alliances and crushing enemies beneath your feet.

Enter a world of legendary warlords and warring kingdoms in Imperia Online, a browser-based, city-building strategy game. Grow a small undeveloped province into a strong and massive kingdom by producing and collecting resources in real-time. Customize the layout of the city to match your playstyle. Recruit a variety of units for an army to pillage neighboring kingdoms and ultimately crush opponents from all over the world. Forge alliances with your neighbors to support each other economically by trading resources and on the battlefield in the quest to achieve total world domination.

Imperia Online Key Features:

  • Customizable City Layout – construct structures wherever you want and even relocate previously built ones.
  • Socialization – send messages, forge alliances, trade resources, socialize, and compete with thousands of active players in real time.
  • Realistic Economic and War Model – experience Economy and War systems that are realistic.
  • Real-Time Development – build structures, collect resources, and grow your city in real-time at your own pace.
  • Multiple Languages and Regions – compatible with a variety of languages and regions that allows you to compete with players around the world.

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