Having Jeff Goldblum narrate a game is basically like pouring warm caramel in your ears. Hot, smooth and just a little bit sticky. But in reality, it’s all just part of the immersion for Jurassic World Evolution, because immersion is basically the name of the game here. Although it seems that Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom can’t quite replicate the wonderment of seeing a Diplodocus craning its neck for a mouthful of leaves, or the terror of a roaring T-Rex chasing down a Jeep, Jurassic World Evolution can. And that’s because it’s your park, and probably your Jeep too. With Evolution, Frontier Developments has created the closest thing you’ll ever get to running a real dinosaur park, complete with dialogue and in-game menus containing a load of movie references that’ll satisfy even the biggest Jurassic Park nerds. This is fan service at its very best. But even if you can’t reel off a thousand Jurassic Park quotes, Jurassic World Evolution also excels at being a fantastic management sim.