Loretta Hewitt had a truly wonderful New Year’s Eve. She hung festive lights all over the house, she shared New Year’s greetings with every passer-by, she made a resolution, and she watched the countdown to midnight on the television. Marring the celebrations slightly was the fact that she shared these joyful moments with the Grim Reaper because her cat, Mr Wiggles, had died while she was having a festive bath.

Holidays come to The Sims 4 courtesy of the Seasons expansion. As with The Sims 3 expansion of the same name, Seasons aims to flesh out the world further by bringing a cycle of seasons which alter the in-game weather, temperature and so on. Accompanying these are seasonal activities. Some are tied to the calendar—Love Day, New Year’s Eve, Winterfest—and others, like making snow angels, are about taking advantage of the changes in weather.

Harvestable garden plants will only bear fruit or flowers in particular seasons so those plants now have a rhythm to follow. Decorative flowers also go through a yearly cycle, although it’s not as dramatic in terms of how it looks. Relatedly, Seasons brings changes to the gardening career path. You can either pursue the flower arranging variant, converting inventories full of bluebells and crocuses into cold, hard Simoleans or become a brilliant botanist.