This is a trip of your dreams, the story of the youth section of the new departure.
Here, not only can experience the “round classic” endless aftertaste and feelings, memories one by one, all the people of competitive strategies amazing, fought side by side, brothers united gang fighting, companion children, warm home of rich social play, form diverse, multi-line training Variety Meng Chong …… while the new picture, voice actors, trendy circle of friends, bring your gaming experience for hot nowadays.
Ten open service activities to help out star players, into the “dream” is to walk into a powerful interactive entertainment community, live voice lets you play while you chat, dating game correct, anytime, anywhere to show off her.

Rich social, partner children, sworn brother to accompany you Fun dreams!
Meng pet companions, multi-style, long-term training, is your best help!
Variety shape, heart dyeing, custom avatar, My Show the most fun!
Round strategy, strategizing, universal X-Fighters, a total of nine martial art hegemony!